Monday, August 10, 2009

A Good Start

I woke up early this morning - it was just beginning to get light, which is the best time for a walk. There are hardly any cars about, so it's nice and quiet on the streets. I like that. A little bit later, and the builders and other people like that are whooshing off to work in their utes and small trucks, and it just doesn't have the same atmosphere at all!

It was cold this morning, and I wasn't too hot in my thermal vest and fleece. But it was lovely out there. It's so long since I went for an early morning walk, and I do love watching the sky wake up. All those lovely colours, but my favourite is the high wispy clouds turning pearly white when the sun hits them. Now it's just cloudy and cold looking, but first thing this morning, they were wispy and pearly. I'm glad I didn't miss that...

One of the best things about early morning walking is the time alone, just me and my thoughts. Time before the day crowds out with all the mundane, busy things that take up my head space and keep me from seeing myself clearly. I'm looking forward to more of that now, as I continue the process I've started here.

Now just to convince myself that the first few days of self control in the kitchen are worth it, till I get into the rythym. I know I won't be hungry, but I have become so used to just popping a little smackerel into my mouth without thinking - and whether or not I'm hungry... That will be the hardest to overcome. I weighed myself this morning for the first time in ages, and I've managed to creep up to 95kg (210lb or 15st) which is not the heaviest I've ever been, but not the best, either.... not impressed I have to lose this lot all again!

My breakfast this morning is perfect for a cold morning - a slice of toast with a poached egg, a grilled tomato half and some yummy mushrooms. That should keep me going for a bit. :-)

And so the new begins. I am feeling eager with anticipation.